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For the record, I don't think announcing what's gonna be done with people with bad things in their bio was a good idea since now they're all gonna see that and change their bios.

OK, so I'm actually not gonna line this properly, I'm rendering it out the ass though. It's coming out pretty good so far.

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Awesome, Baraag is back up! I was wanting to post this sketch since I'm trying to learn how kemoshotas work. I'm gonna line it real soon.

Hiya everyone, sorry for my absence. I've been learning a lot about art fundamentals since I posted last, plus doing stuff with my BF. That is where I've been, I'm still drawing and stuff.

Why is this getting so much attention recently? It's my shame, I really don't like how much I fucked up this piece.

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Colored version of the undressing girly Eevee. He's a little lonely and needs someone to keep him company!~

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Like, I want to color/render this, but I also want to do a follow-up image. I could just color it and then make the next one with the guy holding the Eevee and stuffing his butthole.

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Fixed version because my post replacement request never got handled. :^) It's a small fix anyways.

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Have any of you used for streaming? How is it?

There's a slight flaw with this, I'll fix it when I wake up and then do a post replacement on e621.

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A few Indeedee sketches I'm not finishing. Thought I'd show anyways. They're both pretty flawed, plus I got kinda bored with them.

It's cute how a bunch of antis who don't know how Mastodon instances work are reporting people on Baraag to the admin of Baraag over art this instance specifically allows. I knew antis were brain-dead and delusional but this is just ridiculous levels of stupidity on their part, appropriate of a group of people rustled so much by drawings they can simply ignore or filter out of their feeds. Do you think they know some CSA survivors use lolishota art as a coping mechanism?

Eevee dakimakura - front
Gotta draw the back and hope my poor PC can handle making images this big again.

I'm aware Nintendo is being a dickhead to artists recently by DMCAing their paysites; I started that goose chase by helping others evade their shenanigans in 2019. I would like to reassure you all that I use no paysites, and if Nintendo demands I stop drawing Eevee porn, they'll be met with active refusal. I bow to no out-of-touch goons with zero grip on the reality of how the Internet works. If they DMCA a site I'm on, I'll simply upload somewhere else. I refuse to stop.

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