Baraag gets to see this before Twitter. Eevee being fisted by human hands in a little opening in the woods.

There's a serious lack of art of small feral Pokémon being fisted that's not hyper or some other thing I don't care for. Let this hopefully be the beginning of more.

Sneasel plays with a Destiny Knot. I tried to focus more on the lines here than the color or rendering, since I want to learn to do proper lines. Most of my lines are usually done with a pencil brush!

Difference from the Twitter version is it's got a simple shape background to fill the void a little.

I cleaned up the Eevee sketch from the other day, it's now got some dialogue and some tones.

I drew a friend's Eevee, it's Bunihud's Hoivee. This is probably the smuggest looking Eevee I've ever drawn.

Some more doodles. Eevee and Riolu, I had actually tried to line and color the Eevee but I wasn't satisfied with the lines. I don't particularly like the Riolu sketch.

More doodles. Maybe I'll finish this one, but then again, I always say that. I'm still working on it nonetheless.

Here's a little Eevee doodle. I'm still working on it. I'll probably finish it too. If I finish it, the couch will probably have better perspective. This is currently a doodle so it doesn't need to be perfect in this state.

Happy Eevee Day! Every day I wake up is Eevee Day to me, but this one is universal! Let's all celebrate this day dedicated to this oddly fuckable creature.

The winner was pretty clear, so I started working on the drawing. You all get a sneak peak because you're not Twitter.

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Sassy Riolu. Mostly an experiment. I don't really like how this came out, the lines are too thick and the shading is too smooth.

Awesome, Baraag is back up! I was wanting to post this sketch since I'm trying to learn how kemoshotas work. I'm gonna line it real soon.

Colored version of the undressing girly Eevee. He's a little lonely and needs someone to keep him company!~

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Fixed version because my post replacement request never got handled. :^) It's a small fix anyways.

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A few Indeedee sketches I'm not finishing. Thought I'd show anyways. They're both pretty flawed, plus I got kinda bored with them.

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