Here's a little Eevee doodle. I'm still working on it. I'll probably finish it too. If I finish it, the couch will probably have better perspective. This is currently a doodle so it doesn't need to be perfect in this state.

So, I'm thinking of spinning up a Matrix homeserver to replace a Discord one which got nuked by Discord's single-brain-cell organisms. Where can I host that which allows kemololi/kemoshota art?

Finally moved out of home. The new apartment is way too fucking small for my actual desktop setup where all my comms are. I'm having a loft bed and a different desk sent up this way, but in the meantime, I can't work on any comms. I have my laptop set up with my old tablet so I can at least doodle some stuff.

Since I seldom post art, allow me to explain my current commission queue:

- 17 emotes
- 2 full-body comms
- 1 ref sheet

I will hopefully be done with the emotes soon, which will give me much more peace of mind and time to work on things I want to.

This will be a fun time after I power through my commissions. I gotta think of the most disgustingly cute thing I can for thos one.

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I will be making a kemoshota character of my own once I'm done with commissions. I'm stuck between a few species types, so why not ask random strangers on a porn art site? I like them all, I'm just indecisive.

Well here we go one last time, if you can help me by sharing it would help me a lot, just hoping for the miracle of being able to get everything together before these two weeks are up, if not I'm happy to have fought until the last moment
Plz… help me one more time

Anime Los Angeles is hosting a panel called "'Lolicons are Pedophiles' and Other Uncomfortable Truths About Nerd Culture" at like 10:45 PM on the first day. I'm on the East Coast, will somebody go and boo them off stage for me?

Meet awesome Sphinx boy Nefer <3
Hes one of @zeklullaby 's amazing OCs ,please show him all the love and Cookies❤️ 🍪

I now have my own site for my art as well. Not all my artwork is there currently (it's curated for now), but it's got some of my more proud creations. There are a few issues with it on very small screens and it's missing some functionality for now. I dunno if I'll host much kemoshota stuff there, the data center is in NYC where it's explicitly OK and the host ToS doesn't specifically ban it. I'll play Russian Roulette with that later.

Happy Eevee Day! Every day I wake up is Eevee Day to me, but this one is universal! Let's all celebrate this day dedicated to this oddly fuckable creature.

I'm still gonna do the other, though! Probably later in the week.

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The winner was pretty clear, so I started working on the drawing. You all get a sneak peak because you're not Twitter.

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Here's the poll:

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When I was 16, I often wondered why I wasn't permitted to look at porn considering I was old enough to have sex where I live. At 24, I see Genshin kids on Twitter act like they've located Jeffrey Epstein's secret clone when they look up the age of an anime character and I finally understand why I wasn't allowed to look at porn.

Sassy Riolu. Mostly an experiment. I don't really like how this came out, the lines are too thick and the shading is too smooth.

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