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Weekly Sketch Commission:

Im opening 5 b/w sketch slots for this week, one per day, $30 each
this helps me so much in my daily life

so if you want me to draw your floofs this is the chance~

4/5 slots available ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

dm me on telegram (@elmelocoton) to claim a slot.

Well, pal, here's another teaser of our comic project, just to show we're not dead yet 🤣

This is one of my favorite panels due the pose and dialogue in particular. My pal @DropCell did a quick paint job to make it look better.

Currently we have around 50 pages sketched. I can't wait to finish this project 😁 . Meanwhile, I hope you like this tiny preview

Those guys at Capcom knew exactly what they were doing when making Angepitoyeir :blobsmirk:

Let's end the month with some quality time between Eli and Ranger~ ❤️

Post by XXX:

Gentle, huh.

It can't help but a tight squeeze, but once I penetrate Alex, I pause. As she pants, I tell her "relax, relax, get used to it. Feel the shape of it inside you."

She quivers. I nibble her ears, and kiss her deeply until she calms down.

I bring her to a bed. There's no need to move. Instead I tease her pussy, and as she cums from the stimulation on her oversensitised slit, her narrow channel squeezes and pulses. Soon I cum just as she does.

"Ah... Ah!"

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Post by XXX:

"I'm here to save you," I tell her.

She tenses, but sags in relief when I turn off the vibrator. Stroking her sensitive pussy, I bring a little of her girl juice for her to taste, while rubbing my hot dick against her unaware thigh.

"You did really good," I tell her. "So I'm going to reward you."

"Noo..." she gasps as she realises.

"It'll be much nicer this time," I say, and then I sink my length into her.

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