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Get your place while you can!

it's hunting season boys, yeeeehaaw!!

also support me on fanbox, all alts are now fanbox exclusive (+ fanbox exclusive illustrations and events)

me to any cute guy with long curly hair

"here's the deal: you let me use your ass, I suck your dick"

362 fanbox request!
Another request from a dear supporter
supporme on fanbox for monthly requests


@VertValois Fanbox request! hope you like it, I never do dark skin, so this was fun.

support me on fanbox, you can help me not starve and also get a monthly request!

Finally finished it. wanted to put squishy sex noises but couldn't find sound effects

The feedback of my last comic was really good, and I love to make some little stories with the characters and interactions, so I will continue to make them!

Hermione and Ron was playing with that polyjuice potion again (Ron love those cat ears XD), but this time the effects made Hermione more cat-like!

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that's it, I'm fucking disabling the comment section on pixiv.

I'm tired of moderating my own comment section.

[Mia color] Shine
Colored a cool drawing @Sariphy did !
I think Homelander did something to Starlight but i couldn't pinpoint what.. maybe it's her hair ? 🤷

I don't talk about politics here but it's time I say what must be said.

Lolis MUST be flat chested, oppai lolis are sick and wicked, sinful abominations created by the elites looking for erradicate us.

I'm a flat chest supremacist, I don't care, I'll commit genocides and war crimes over this.

Batch I: animations for my top supporters

support me on fanbox and get a monthly request

Pirate Tulip Olsen and Haley Long

a weekend off at the beach turned out into pretty much a week of sunburns and fever

I'm back

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