#politics #censorship #corporations 

Hello, ok today is about the new censorship about a social media site (parler),is about political extreme radical people. I don't know that thing exists before, until the attack. Amazon kick down their service. I don't like how the service providers are the new netwatch police and this is terrible, because today is far right but tomorrow could be baraag.net. I recommend you be far away from digital corpos , some ideas : github.com/tycrek/degoogle/blo


#politics #censorship #corporations 

@Lust3D Agreed. People nowadays are blinded and don't care about concept any more: All they care for is "we're doing it to them so it's okay", not thinking it will be done to others (including their selves) later on.

This is especially scary as proved it acts as one entity: and all others can and will simultaneously someone on command, as proven in the case of (whether people like him or not).

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