One of the unique things about #openSUSE is having a tested rolling distribution like @opensuse Tumbleweed and a rock solid point distribution like #opensuse Leap 15.2 -


@opensuse I switched from what is now called to a few years ago. Apart from rare minor issues, the bootloader breaking and requiring reinstall from a recovery console was the only major bug that gave me real issues once. I find it funny that some say TW is unstable when it's certainly not.

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It depends. It you abuse the non-standard repos so as to get the cutting edge versions of whichever software you're interested in, sometimes conflict resolution can get interested, but yes, even that is rock solid if you're thinking #Debian kind of unstable.

#Tumbleweed with standard repos is just as good as #Leap. Been running a #Tumbleweed canary for some 7–8 years now and no issues.


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