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Dear of : I hope you can agree that is simply not the best testing ground for your weapons. Just to be clear I'm not saying what you should do: It's just a friendly reminder that is much smaller and far less armed. It sure would be a shame if your troops happened to march into the Commission or something without meeting any resistance... especially if they were the more barbarian sort, now that would really suck 🙂

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I was watching this alone yet kept going "oh my god look what he managed to do" every step of the way! I knew to expect detail but this was yet again more detailed than I thought it could get... it's officially reaching AAA quality films at this point, which isn't something I suspect we may ever see elsewhere in this fandom. Understandably it took a while, but was definitely worth the wait 😊

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The definition of insanity:

📱 users: "We got hacked due to lack of proper security!"

📣 protesters: "The needs to stop abusing its powers and spying on us!"

🇪🇺 European Union: "We're cancelling the because of mass surveillance practices."

🤪 gov: "Hahaha here's the EARN IT / LAED act let's ban encryption lol"

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While not just individuals but even are screaming that we need ways to communicate and conduct the is going backwards in time and literally being that one guy who wants to cease existing entirely. I really hope the crisis will at least wake people up from their stupidity... especially with so many seeing how important is now.

nsfw pony vore 

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by FlutterbatIsMagic:

#oral_invitation #pegasus #maw #flutterbutt #frog_(hoof) #tongue_matress #fangs #tail #imminent_vore #eyes_closed

(Non-explicit version) A commission I got from Konejo as a sequel (Part 2) to the first two images. After some licking and tasting fun, Twilight decides that it is finally time to send food to where it belongs.

Part 1 >>2865534
Part 1 Alt >>2865536
Part 2 (Explicit version) >>286...

No matter what OS or hardware you use, or how easy it is to use, you are going to need help with it at some point. This support is critical to the success of free software. Here is why it’s so important that we at Purism offer full support for free software on our hardware–it’s critical to free software succeeding and it’s been a critical part of how we approach our mission. Kudos to our support teams🙌 🎉

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"Practice" - fellow Lalafell practice to summon his Carbuncle but something gone wrong, is this because of those crystal in the area messing up with the magic? 🤔

commission work for @Huzz

get early access, alt version & HD image in my patreon :

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