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I was watching this alone yet kept going "oh my god look what he managed to do" every step of the way! I knew to expect detail but this was yet again more detailed than I thought it could get... it's officially reaching AAA quality films at this point, which isn't something I suspect we may ever see elsewhere in this fandom. Understandably it took a while, but was definitely worth the wait 😊

Alma ends up drunk and hungry in the parking lot of a Denny's! She is promptly taken home by MYSTERIOUS GANGSTALKERS.

(Goth/Punk DAY 4)

And finally out for everyone to enjoy, Dolly animation voted on by our supporters

Illustration: @foxinshadow
Animation Live2D, editing: @kukseleg
VA: @shimohisae
Sound Effects: オレンジラヴァーズ(CV:橙島よしの)
Music: Dark Bar by bandersn4tch on pixabay's license

And of course all possible thanks to your continued support, if you wanna add to the pile you can consider throwing us your dolla to get early access to new upcoming things

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