Since winter come, I looking for a sweater, then someone advice interesting sweater, thay say it's a new technology of heatting, Ok I'm buy one.

When I wear it... What the sweater !! I don't understand what does heat up !

"Hey! What are you looking at !? you pervert !!"

My fanpage request this in last halloween...

They want me cosplay be Succubus, Jiangshi, Mummy and Pumpkin dress...

"what are they thinking like pervert !"

"OK.. If they want so much, I will do, but just once! don't forget my gratitude!!" Mir-tan say

Snack time with Hammnan
What are you doing, Idiot!
Don't touch Hammann, you pervert!
puff, haa.., pervert...

Mir-tan VS Bottle Cap Challenge.

I try this challenge previous month. because Punika challenge me,
but it just her plan to take photograph under skirt of me!!,
Huh!? what are you looking!?, you pervert!!

all page on link below




[Sweet 🔴 Record]
You can get English edition with UNCEN at my GUMROAD
About JP Edition, it's in translation process.
Support -> Patreon
Buy -> Gumroad

Heya! Here is a little snippet of the first tutorial I made available on Patreon about building the torso! :blobcatbreadpeek:

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