Talking about pushing buttons!! This is so incredibility hot and well done that I'm about to burst with lust for the image and jealousy of your animation skills, both!!

I love Love LOVE normal, realistic sized penii on my shoutas!!! I'm certain their eagerness and their double-dipping fully compensates for any supposed "lack" of size!!

Remember folks, size doesn't matter. Quantity does!! Get two, three, or more of these hot young lads poking you every which way and I don't think you'll be wondering "are they hung enough?" :lipbite: :yanagiyuu_heart3:

@zuitl @Meow25Meow I agree! Actually, I enjoy small size either way. Giant penis just isn’t appeal to me.

@Meow25Meow Really good cross section internal view, nice smooth movements on the Boys hips too. :blobheart:

@Meow25Meow I never thought about it this way.
I've seen images of the interior, but not both so detailed and well animated.

@Meow25Meow legit question so sorry if this sounds rude but how hard would it be to include an alt without the internal view with the animations? cause internal views just ruin it a bit for me and i know theres a decent amount of people out there who arent a fan of the internal thing either. i know with digital art in general its easy since its just a matter of disabling a few layers but i know animations are way more involved so idk how much more trouble an internaless alt would be

@Meow25Meow Okay but like she for sure would've been a pedo if Junko hadn't mucked things up. Mikan was ONE pushy shota away from being a broodmother for the local elementary school

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