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Where'sWill Commission Sheet

Feel free to message me to see if slots are open and for any other questions!

You can browse my art here on Baraag and Pixiv for examples...

fun piece i did bc i felt like it, lazy background time :P #shota #pantsing @Maxygoof @BeatButton ocs join in the fun.
jaime belongs to beat, and Ethan belongs to Will

Tonight I wondered what Luca would look like in the polluted waters of Springfield... here's a sketch!
Would you have recognized him?

Just want to take a moment to thank everyone who follows, likes, and especially shares my work. It's very flattering! Discovering the shota/loli community has been a very positive experience since I began art again, and I'm glad I get to contribute to it in some small way.
And thanks, fellow artists, for all of your works which inspire me to keep growing as an artist, from ideas, to technique, to just having the courage to publicly post a work of your own.
Everyone keep it up! <3

When Miguel invites you to his secret attic room, it's not always music on his mind.

Here's the FULL pic previously on Pixiv.

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