Raffle prize for @vitalikkilativ , he had a very clear idea in mind and I enjoyed bringing it to reality! This was fun to make!

These are Lan Hikari/Netto Hikari and Tory Froid/Toru Hikawa from the Megaman NT Warrior anime!

Gotta wonder what that PET cable must feel like... πŸ€” πŸ˜‚
Hope y'all like these~

Here's Ryder and his Riolu Mobius-Bonded together <3 as members of the Elite 4 of the , they have a long story of fighting together and training, and their bond allows them to be in perfect sync when fused. Ryder's missing eye now is able to see Aura, and with a varied movepool at their disposition, they are ready to take on any enemy!

They make sweet music with both of their Wind Wakers~ 🎡 🎢

commission for @loganco58374365 on twitter

enjoy kota being mpreged by nergal .jr :blobpopcorn:

Finally finished this animation for @vDash245 after he won my 2k follower raffle. Hope you like it Dash :blobheart:

Doodles of my sona, showcasing different types of penises he can have

all thanks to shape shifting

#shota #rape #noncon #hypno #mindcontrol 

That last panel came out so funny that now the entire comic reads as a sexy shitpost, but I regret nothing. There was a request for hypno Steven/Dipper and one for hypno Steven/Diamonds so here we are.

I suppose I outta post something here then! I don't fully know this site's features yet, but it seem to me like it's twitter for cool kids :P
Anyways here's some SonTails smut I drew for an art trade with @anitwenty πŸ‘Œ

Been fiddling with the 3DS Zelda character models. Finished up Links nude version, here's him next to the Malon model.

I was having fun posing some CSP models for reference but once i had the pose i had no idea who should the characters be, so my bf @OranDraws gave me a bunch of suggestions and i ended up deciding for this <3

A piece from the backlog while i work on some new commissions and survive the summer heat

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