More renders, I tell ya like 200 of these renders in a week or two

I love this new PC and AMD so much

I still got lots of stuff left to show

Apologies to my fanbox supporters for delaying their deliveries by a few days, but tomorrow expect the uploads!

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Just working through these characters again

Tomorrow I'll start uploading new sets, these are just tests more or less

some more stuff
Still editing all my shit together in Photoshop, this will take a while

with my new PC all the post work now takes almost as much time as the renders themselves lol

Hat Kid
now available for all
you can support me on fanbox to get access to more pictures

I've really gone nuts the last two weeks, I've made over a hundred renders in that time span.
I hope I haven't burned myself out

Expect uploads this coming week
Some of what might be my best AND worst work yet :eddy_smug:

A small preview, new character from my School series

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