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Did You Know: Baraag cost roughly $250/mo to maintain and run. As a free platform to any user, that adds up!

Some of you may have noticed a few functionality changes over the past couple months and that comes as a result of Baraag growing in size. Braag's pretty dang popular! In order to keep up with the growth, consider supporting the site:

The tiers are fairly reasonable and it keeps Baraag free.

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The old account was suspended.

This is the replacement if I am not able to get the account back.

Time to rebuild

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300 follower raffle time! Here's how to enter:

1. Follow me if you haven't already
2. Boost this toot
3. (optional) Leave a comment, any comment

This raffle will go on for a week, after which I will rely on the Wheel of Names to pick out two lucky winners! Like my last raffle, they will each get the chance to name a character for me to commission an artist of my choice to do, preferably a shota/loli/cub character.

(more info below)

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(Sarah) Remaster of an old dance scene with a new lighting preset!

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Commissions are open!! I will only take a couple this round to not get overwhelmed but I plan to open them more regularly so if you don't get it this time, there will be other opportunities.
Please email me if you are interested, I won't be accepting commissions via DMs for organization purposes.

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Just a reminder that /delicious/ is still online via

Not to mention, Drawthread E is now live!

/co/ noticed a color connection between modern /ss/hips

Happy New Year may it fuck us less unless it has the courtesy to give us a good reacharound

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Comms are open !
I need 600$ by the end of this month!
I'm counting on you! ;) save my ass

Pro: snagged a ps5 pre order
Con: 10 minutes before my shift ends some asshole ran into our pedestrian guard pillar that's shaped like a ball and out of all the cars in the parking lot it hits mine leaving a nice scrape and dent combo while jerkass speeds off into the night

I got my first race crown in Fall Guys wheee

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Part 1 πŸ‘‰πŸ½
This is happening Five... she always gets the W (or the D in this situation)

You know the deal, the more boosts/ retweets I see the more I consider the next part.
( )
(Also I’d appreciate that dollar you aren’t using over on my subscribestar)

( )

To all the reverse Bunny girl pieces: Negative Wonderwoman did it before it was sexy

Feeling pretty bad. The cat left behind when my mom passed had to be put down today. She was 16 so pretty old. She was a good snuggler even if she did mew at everything.

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