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So I'm reluctantly posting my discord link here. I allow pretty much any kind of art besides scat/gore but people mostly post loli stuff. Please do not report me. Rules are: don't be a dick, don't harass people, and absolutely no cp or talking about sex with real kids

Oops... the last one I posted was the censored one from my Pixiv account. Here she is in all her glory.

Latest commission work, featuring two very different original characters:
@manbanras's Chris gets to know @chirutai's half-alien Scylla

I know I overuse this expression with the wink and tongue but fuck it's cute and I can never get tired of it. One day I'll learn

''stripping in seedy Gotham nudie bars is not good undercover work''

They say if you have sex with a forest fairy you’ll be granted eternal life.

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A Slutty Connie commission.

It's always a good day when you get paid to draw your waifu and I really liked how the pose came out.

Kasumi (Misty) from Pokemon.
This is the first time a drew a pokemon girl :3 Kasumi is cute, I like her tsundere personality :woah:

I want to do a lot of drawings :3

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