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I do have a discord server, but due the influx of weirdos, creeps, and possible MAPs I've had to deal with, the public link will no longer be available. Please DM me here or on discord if you want to join the server.

OC commission I did for the JD fundraiser
Her name is Fenna.

commission for @Pinowicks ! her VTuber Misery 💜
thank you for commissioning me!

timlapse + fullrez/alts available on fanbox as always

🍼 support me:

commission for @Dart25 !
OCs having an afternoon delight 💛

thank you for commissioning me!

timelapse + fullrez available on fanbox as always
🍼 support me:

forgot to post this here for the birthday girl @anklebone 🎂🎉 a little while back

FANBOX is back open if you want to participate in character voting for animations or just want to support what I do

Learning to play Magic: The Gathering

New reward available: matter's original character Lupine dressed as a Magic: The Gathering's Sliver Queen
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only:

Got a cute little succubus girl a while ago. Still haven't given her a name yet, but I wanted to see how her first hunt would go. Seems she nabbed a nice catch. Those ropes came in handy. Hope to see how her other catches go.

Art (c) @Dyriuck_kaos

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