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Alright so let's try this again. New discord server, same rules, a lot more cleaned up.Don't be a dick, don't post illegal shit, and most important of all, have fun. Don't be afraid to talk.

Hey! What would be some black/dark skin lolis you guys would like to see drawn? Feel like they need some more love. :blobpeek:

nsfw Gaz Mandy 

Anubis Curse, opening the wrong coffin rewarded this little mouse a permanent place in the Anubis' lesbian harem.

Somehow Badplace's oc was in the wrong place at the wrong time too.

nsfw MHA 

ヒジョブロ mojossomγ€€NSFW 

Decided to continue the last Reggie drawing and turn it to a set of images ! So far this ones have to be my favs !

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