Well, I finally did it. Four years after the demise of WWOEC I finally managed to repost all my older Penny Diary episodes from that site, the entire first four seasons. So now it's officially the start of Season Five, and for the first time some previously unposted material.

This animation of my previous ThunderCats fan art was realized by fellow artist and animator 空集社KONJISHA. Please check out their work here: pixiv.net/en/users/28916986
Would you like to see more of this in the future?

I wanted to try something different. These are my interpretations of Paul, Jessica and Alia from Frank Herbert's SF novel "Dune". I wanted to do these before the new film is released and influences my vision of these characters. I think there's already a bit of influence from the David Lynch film in there.

Here's a teaser for this month's exclusive picture,featuring Clarissa "Chris" McDougall from "Lensman", available from my Fanbox or Patreon. Please note that there's a special promo on my Fanbox and Patreon until September 14 2020, where new patrons to the Exclusive and Twice Is Nice tiers can now have immediate access to 50% more exclusives than usual.
Please support my work at: madoc.fanbox.cc/

I want to thank fellow artist and friend @pepipopo who took one of the crappy sketches from my "Unloved" series and transformed it into this beautiful picture of Yumi (I've added the sketch for comparison).

With the whole censorship deal on Pixiv, I decided to create a downloadable archive of all my NSFW art in uncensored form up till now, just for safekeeping. You can download it here: racaty.net/o9hlvxo5d65z

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