phew! - finished the luzest picture - i have decided to do backgrounds on every hardcore picture - the sfw and nude ones still get the simple backgrounds...

Day 16: Masked
Hilda attends the Great Raven Festival, after dark, where totally inconspicuous and family friendly activities take place.
Features with and without dark bg because I couldn't choose.

Do you realize we haven't had a beach episode yet? Like, COME ON!!!

Made this to promote that I'm taking limited Commissions on twitter. Go there if you want to try to catch a spot.

I was chatting with someone and I had a idea I just had to get out.

My part of an art trade with @mcquinn of his fun oc Max.
These are fun. I hope to be able to do more trades in the future!

Day 4: Comfy
Gaz playing on her NONTENDO while she got the house to herself.

I've wanted to draw Aisling for forever. Someday I'll make a pic with more effort! Until then here's #3: Leaves!

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