#politics #censorship #corporations 

Hello, ok today is about the new censorship about a social media site (parler),is about political extreme radical people. I don't know that thing exists before, until the attack. Amazon kick down their service. I don't like how the service providers are the new netwatch police and this is terrible, because today is far right but tomorrow could be baraag.net. I recommend you be far away from digital corpos , some ideas : github.com/tycrek/degoogle/blo


#politics #censorship #corporations 

@Lust3D This kind of deplatforming always happens to porn first. What political content experiences now has occurred with porn for decades.

This is why I have no sympathy for anyone affected by political content purges now. If you asked them 5 seconds after their ban, they'd still turn right back around and tell you your degenerate shit isn't speech that should be protected.

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#politics #censorship #corporations 

@Madfan That's they say, but we express feelings or ideas also, but with art (hey , not look at mine xd) it's another type of expression, and surely without any harm. The fact is nobody wants to listen them except themselves. I really want to not speak about politics because is out of my focus, but I guess everybody must have a place, even them. The problem is the internet control, and every time this thing happens remember me why I got a domain for myself.

#politics #censorship #corporations 

@Lust3D I'm not saying I'm against them being able to voice their opinion, I'm saying I won't come to their defense in the same way they won't ever defend porn.

Simple as that.

Who I am defending, though, is people whose speech is even more reviled than porn, because I'm not a hypocrite, unlike those people.

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