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On the lookout for artists who have fun or are proficient in drawing Loli, BDSM themes, toys, body mods and detailed, anatomical oral and anal x-rays. Sounds nebulous, I know! 🕵️

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Simplified my commission chart after some hands-on experience.

I think this is simple enough and gets enough information across.

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First image is pricing, the other images are more examples of the style/quality.

🚫complex designs (feel free to ask!
🚫More than 2 characters

👍loli/shota/incest/bestiality etc
👍heavy kink (literally anything even if I haven't drawn it before)
👍discreet on request

NOTE: More complex designs (centaurs and some animals for example may cost extra, show me refs and I'll give you a quote!)

Serious inquiries only to
👉rawrubatosis()@gmail(.)com 👈(without parenthesis)

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Hi everyone, I'm super happy to announce the release of my very first doujjin!!
It came to be thanks to the generosity of D6 and it features Victoria and Glob in a rather sticky situation!!
You can download it for free here: (link:

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Artwork has been censored and destroyed over and over, DA and Tumblr have become corporate wastelands, there is no Deviant in DeviantArt, Tumblr was purged and many years of Artwork was nuked, now ExHentai/EHentai are both in the crosshairs, what's next Booru? What about InkBunny? How about Pixiv? It's a worrying trend of target and eliminating all what the Moral Police deem to be wrong, what about actually solving actual issues instead of taking away hope and creativity for those who need it

It's a few years old, but an interesting read nonetheless. It pulls away the blanket from what usually goes on behind closed doors between porn hosting companies and foreign nations.

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@Madfan That is true. The unfortunate thing is that it puts a lot of pressure on artists, since we have to balance not wanting to be arrested with not giving up our creative visions. It takes a lot of courage, especially in the current political climate. Hopefully things will change someday but that's going to be a long way from now.

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Be sure to support @satori
and his good work with this site we all love and care about:

If anyone reads this or is interested in it, the only relevant legal info people have found regards to changing laws was a proposal sent out that would allow the Dutch government to more easily persecute and increase punishment for people looking at real cp. The definition hasn't changed, which means that it's either the Admin being a giant asshole for pulling out(less likely) or an outside actor having put pressure on their hosts as well as ATFs.

From what I see the second is more likely atm.

Since so far I haven't seen anyone be able to quote the Dutch law change that supposedly caused all of this to happen, I want to remind people that sometimes governments themselves, or government funded organizations specifically target lolishota sites in other countries by intimidating their hosts and using smear tactics. One piece of evidence is, and I have personally witnessed other instances like that occurring in the past.
Just keep that in mind.

A few months ago I was contemplating commissioning an image of underage hentai friendly sites on the web as a city. Each site would have been a building, and the ones that banned lolishota in the past displayed as ruins.

Exhentai would have been a lush and vibrant geofront underground, spanning the entire size of the city above.

That geofront would need to be drawn caved in now.

Also, purging is only a part of the entire issue. What I find more harmful is the fact that these constant attacks, deletions segregation of certain genres into their containment zones where they can be quietly eliminated make existing artists less likely to draw that content in the future and deter new artists from even trying.
Fewer artists are exposed to the material, fewer realize they like it, resulting in less being drawn.

Another post from a few years ago saying the same thing, better.

I took this screen way back shortly after the HF purge. People scoffed and laughed at the idea that lolishota in the future was only going to be found in the same places as porn involving real kids. I wonder what those people are thinking today.
I think Sparrow did the artwork on the main page, lol. He was the only one standing against the HF purge. Neverforget.

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commissions! please consider supporting me, i'm poor and i need money :blobcry:
boosts appreciated!

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I am getting ready to have moved to a new server. Please expect a downtime of about 2 hours while we migrate to a new host, starting soon at around 5:00 pm UTC.

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I have an important announcement regarding that I wish I did not have to make.

This morning I received a notice from my host at OVH that I have 24 hours to move our site off their service. This is not a legal issue as the content here is still fine in France, but a conflict with the ToS from OVH. I have no proof, but I believe we were reported after being with them for over 2 years.

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