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On the lookout for artists who have fun or are proficient in drawing Loli, BDSM themes, toys, body mods and detailed, anatomical oral and anal x-rays. Sounds nebulous, I know! 🕵️

Warframe by @maximumpingas

Thank you!

First part of a little series chronicling a careless Tenno's troubles with a peculiar Orokin artifact that turned out to be as much of a device of pleasure as it was one of torture.

Yeah, that Nora line is what inspired me ultimately.

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I've decided to open commissions!

Not sure about a kink? Ask!

Prices are negotiable within reason.

Preferred contact method is
discord. (Namoymoy#6770)

Preferred payment method is Paypal.

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rounding up first OC set that have their own little universe

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Updating my commission info so it has more recent drawings in it.
And because I'm bored.

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The Paypal Gestapo might be on to me now. do you guys know of some alternative to it for invoicing and payment? suggestion?

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What are y'all's favorite lolis? Just curious 🧐

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Super quickly done commission by @maximumpingas
Thank you!

Tenno OC with Soaktron.
Wanted to have it drawn last year already, but I dragged my feet.

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For those who want to draw illustrations. My recommendation.
🔻For beginners to intermediate.
If you can afford the space on your desk I recommend buying a medium
🔻paint soft
There are many how-tos because the share is high.
”Clip studio paint”

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So gonna open commissions since unemployment is right around the corner...

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fellow artist of this bastard

He asked me for a drawing, i did a sketch without being paid... and he blocked me, afeter i showed it.

For me drawing its not a hobby, i spend hours just making a sketch, its difficult for me, so im doing this for live, its my job, and this person just robed me.

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Commission reference gone too far. At least I'm learning something.

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