@MORTALoHIC yesss I was just talking about Aaron on my nsfw Twitter! I need to draw him myself sometime lol!

@MORTALoHIC Damn, nice.

Is there a textless version of the second page? Feels it'd fit his character more if he didn't know what sex was :P

@weahrcaemdh well the last one was suppose to be like after 2 to 3 rounds but im just too lazy to show how. Ill see if ill post a textless ver

@MORTALoHIC this is so hoot! i love Aaron he's so cute! <3 thanks for drawing him!

@MORTALoHIC purrr instead of dinosaur talk he got a dinosaur boner >:3

@MORTALoHIC that's how it has to be. Great work 😍😍😍

I took a college course on dinosaurs... do you think Aaron would want to talk to me about them?!! :dinosaur:

@MORTALoHIC this is the best way to talk about dinausours !

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