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I redesign my OC cuz I feel like he's a little bland. Also he has a name now.

Meet Zhoryx!

More character sheets will come for other characters, but for my main OC will go out first!

Hope you like him.

Incest, dadson, uncle, belly bulge, excessive cum 

Veeeery old art of my ocs

Meet Stevie the Warg Prince, a inspiring boy who worked his way up from after-lunch snack to warg nobility through shocking amounts of deviancy, depravity and elasticity. Be like Stevie, achieve success in life one knot at a time.

Boy loves dinosaurs, lucky for him the dinosaurs love him right back 💚 as long as they aren't too hungry 🍖

Art I commissioned from the wonderful WangDangle! Luke and Ethan putting big bro Drake in his place with the rest of the filthy trash~

They were rendered beautifully! Thank you so much, Mr. Dangle~ :boonchuy_ahegao:

No one is safe from that thing that goes bump in the night, not even @MORTALoHIC little imp
Little bday gift from a month ago

i haven't actually played life is strange so don't spoil or i will deactivate

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