* explodes * By the moment appears be fail in their DNS, so they locked out themselves to fix it by remote. So someone who is surely working from home and knows how fix it must go in person.

In reality I have no idea what is happening, is my bet :D

@Nightcox That will happen, of course, in the right time :D

Progress. I want to respect the original uv (if there is one) so I can't use Mirror. Izzy is my favorite :P

@MirceaKitsune Thanks pal, what do you think from the new generation?

I'm looking for the files of a app called Chico Chica Boumba released in 2013. I don't have any apple device, someone can have access to this app or a jailbreak for take it ? thanks.

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For people how not remember what is Koochie Koochie Hota Hain :blobheart: :

Is an "unreleased movie" animation with cute puppies finding love, big breasted kitties and one big Mcdonald logo in the floor. I been waiting for this movie all this time , and, at least, they said this year, it will not be released, because it was a waste of money do it. So... well, that cute puppies will live in my heart only. R.I.P. Ref: cinestaan.com/articles/2019/oc

I even invest time in making a node. Later the gateways are so restrictive (no videos, missing files), so if I must make my own gateway, then, why invest time and resources for get the same I have with a web server? I'm getting a bit deceptive about the new alternatives, witch promise solutions to things they are working already, or they not work properly. I guess my epoch of experimentation has finished. Only will use vast and widely proven tech from now. Anyway,I will keep updating LBRY

So, I'm happy about being an free speech for people who really need it, but I doubt if I really want every perspective of a problem, and use an alternative plataform for do it. Actually is a good thing this alternative, but they will have a hard time trying to get something from youtube if they offer almost the same possibilities, even with the crypto going down actually.

I'm really sad about how fallen for being a really open alternative to Youtube. I even spend a lot of time making a LBRY server in home for help to distribute videos which the info about it is scarce and hard to verify. Now trying to bypass the LBRY/#ODYSEE for google store they block the mature material to only apps, f-droid only distribution. Now, they forced all the access for odysee, making even harder know if there is mature material for watch for an artist.

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Β« Princess Cadance (MLP)

I already know this will not hit 1k lol But it was made possible by a loyal Patron last month.

Want to join?
patreon.com/PumpS_NSFW t.co/6KeZ9vUJe7 Β»
β€” Retweet twitter.com/Pumps_nsfw/status/

@SweetPony Oh yes ! the fluttershy cannon will shot over her face XD

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I had to remove the comments section from my page. I was expecting give people opportunity of comment around without register accounts, but at the end it was getting spam. I remember some old oekakis destroyed by those bots. Well if someone really wants to say something they know where find me out.

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