Just posting something a bit secret for test from libreops: a link service to twitter from mastodon.

I changed my , new hair, new fur texture painted by hand. Sorry, only a frame for now, is rendering and will be posted tomorrow (with two perspectives)

Hey I have more followers here than bird site hehe. I'm working in a new donkey char and the game is finished in rpg maker, but it needs the 3d scenes for get released. Thanks everybody who come to my stream and give me company while doing it.

Hey mastodon,guess what... I'm a ish based my long waited Lustopolis project. I found a pal which offered himself to help me with the pixel art (which is amazing by the way), so you can expect a rpgish game with 3d full screen - video animations and images. It's about from who visits Lpolis looking for good cock knots, and meets Tina, (my avatar gal). We are aiming to finish something like little project before the real one (no final screenshots attached)

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