Excellent then everytime I must eyaculate I will remember this. Thanks you.

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This is so much πŸ˜‚ I'm trying to watch it pausing it for laugh properly.

I changed my , new hair, new fur texture painted by hand. Sorry, only a frame for now, is rendering and will be posted tomorrow (with two perspectives)

And has throw shit again, now over a well know caricaturist / satire animator from YouTube, MeatCanyon. The video : youtube.com/watch?v=4hXj47ekGY

wow Shin Megami Tenshei If is really creepy, now I'm in a room with acces to realms based in Capital Sins ... I'm going to stream so you are invited, but not clues, please. picarto.tv/Lust3D

Today I felt a bit tired so I will play and some old games from my "I must play someday" list. Perhaps some painting in the background. Today , CD, which brings a lot of games from the saga. picarto.tv/Lust3D

Wow happy I got 100 follows in , thanks you!! I have a little new to give too.

Hey I have more followers here than bird site hehe. I'm working in a new donkey char and the game is finished in rpg maker, but it needs the 3d scenes for get released. Thanks everybody who come to my stream and give me company while doing it.

Happy new year! I will stream in few moments like always in live.lust3d.com (shortcut to picarto.tv). Today is Rpg Making MV. Appart of this , you know you can support me by free ? Actually in LBRY the cryptocoin has raised a lot and is a net wich is free and free of bullshit too, you can help me watching my videos creating an account by my invite lbry.tv/$/invite/@Lust3D:5 . The account is required for watch NSFW ( must be enabled in options)

Hey mastodon,guess what... I'm a ish based my long waited Lustopolis project. I found a pal which offered himself to help me with the pixel art (which is amazing by the way), so you can expect a rpgish game with 3d full screen - video animations and images. It's about from who visits Lpolis looking for good cock knots, and meets Tina, (my avatar gal). We are aiming to finish something like little project before the real one (no final screenshots attached)

No art, interesting commercial mail about inflatables 

I just got this at mail. NGGHHHHH :minion_blush:

Improved color version: The excess of sun was ruining the color so I adjusted some levels for better color without loss cock detail lol

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N: "Mhh MHH MHH!! "
D: Try to get more, you don't have the entire flare inside ...
Horse: * whinny soft * Ng worries pal, keep going and relax jaw.
D: Hehe... Try to say "Aloha" now...
N: "Amph Mph Mhh!! AAH!"
* Both laugh *

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