Progress. I want to respect the original uv (if there is one) so I can't use Mirror. Izzy is my favorite :P

I'm looking for the files of a app called Chico Chica Boumba released in 2013. I don't have any apple device, someone can have access to this app or a jailbreak for take it ? thanks.

Just posting something a bit secret for test from libreops: a link service to twitter from mastodon.

Excellent then everytime I must eyaculate I will remember this. Thanks you.

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This is so much πŸ˜‚ I'm trying to watch it pausing it for laugh properly.

I changed my , new hair, new fur texture painted by hand. Sorry, only a frame for now, is rendering and will be posted tomorrow (with two perspectives)

And has throw shit again, now over a well know caricaturist / satire animator from YouTube, MeatCanyon. The video :

wow Shin Megami Tenshei If is really creepy, now I'm in a room with acces to realms based in Capital Sins ... I'm going to stream so you are invited, but not clues, please.

Today I felt a bit tired so I will play and some old games from my "I must play someday" list. Perhaps some painting in the background. Today , CD, which brings a lot of games from the saga.

Wow happy I got 100 follows in , thanks you!! I have a little new to give too.

Hey I have more followers here than bird site hehe. I'm working in a new donkey char and the game is finished in rpg maker, but it needs the 3d scenes for get released. Thanks everybody who come to my stream and give me company while doing it.

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