Please can someone confirm if this video footage is true ???? It's a sex ed. video

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@Lust3D Oh wow... people in the comments saying they remember seeing it in school. Holy christ. hah That's awesome. If Mary is still worn out, trying to walk the dog in the morning, that had to have been a great night.

@iorarua Hahaha thanks by passing by. Yeah has been... HAha nah I just found the original video and it's only a joke... but that was been pretty funny for a while!

@Lust3D Ah! I assumed there was zero chance this was shown to kids (especially in the US). But yeah, funny anyway. :) Thanks for the laugh!

@iorarua Actually there is a book, called It's perfectly normal where it is inspired the video, and has been censured a lot of times in US.

@Lust3D It isn't.

The video clips it's showing is, but the actual voice over isn't. The voice over is modern.

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