Director: " Try to hold those cocks how much they weight ? "
Nani: "T.. Those things are pretty heavy..."
D: " You should use the proper names, like 'hold two big horse cocks from two respectable equines are pretty heavy... '"
N: "I... they are... "
D: "Mph ok guys I guess this girl is a action one, boys, I want you to show how much you want her ... "

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I'm thinking about give at least another job, like in a . I got this idea looking about that place which I been speaking yesterday, the dvd kintaro shops from . As far like I know they are manga cafe: there is rooms where you can stay; Kintaro is specialized in porno dvds so you can select one and watch it in private. But I found news where has been discovered manga cafes like whorehouses with working on them ! Anyway I will continue this series.

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