Was gone for a while due to familly related issues, back on the tablet with a try at greyscale + color... here's the result.

Someone threw me this character as an idea, this is what resulted... i know the anatomy of the lower body is a bit wonky but it's a quick pic.

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At least that's 1 picture done. She's an OC of mine. Now back to the others waiting their turn.

overdue post, but last few days been rough. Still not totaly happy with how it look but i guess there is some progress made. Also if you wonder she's an oc of mine.

There are more correction to do on the locker room pic... will take a break from it, studies should help. The other one is a fan art that i tried to do similar to a painting...

i was doodling old character of porn comics i drew years back and was thinking that i should restart one, so from these three one will be choosen. If you got a favorite let me know :)

This will have taken me so much time... sight i could have made 8 pictures instead, but hey at least the base is done... Now details and final lines.

Back hurt like hell, but here some stuff... Doodle, a 2 variation pic and i need to find a way to work on big pictures that wont mess my mind.

Warning post contain tits ;)

Warmup fanart, then the big piece that will take the next few days (more like a week) to do.

Thanks to all that submited characters for it.

Lastly, it just started but i'll leave the link here for ma discord: discord.gg/6DzuS3Yz9V

Have a good week!

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