We got a pup in heat. His smell must be attracting all the nearby males

@Lunaria What a .. cute pup :blobsweat:
Is he from a shelter ? do they have more ? asking for a friend :blobamused: ~ Mia

@TeamPervy He might look like a stray, but I think he has a certificate 🤔

@Lunaria Well he visibly being taken good care of, that the important part :blobthinkingsmirk: ~ Mia

@Lunaria he'll be covered head to toe and filled to the brim when the days is done😈🍆💦🍑💦👣💦👅💦 :yumcum: 🤤

Nnff! Fuck, I envy that guy getting to fuck that cutie! 😍❤❤❤❤❤

@Lunaria Oh, not just the nearby ones. He's attracting me all the way from here! Gosh, he's so cute! He seems to have found one mate already. But I'm sure it'll be a while before his itch is fully scratched. Very lovely drawings!

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