20k followers on twitter gone down the drain :|

@doodlessashi Same old story. Account got nukes, most likely due to antis reports

@Lunaria what a shitty way to start the weekend... Sorry, I wish I could do something to cheer you up ><

@Lunaria You're too good and spicy for the bird. :( At least we have you here. 🥰

@Lunaria stupid antis! It sucks that they decided to report your acct.. your art is amazing though and I'm glad you post here often!

@Lunaria What amazes me the most is how japanese/chinese shota art accounts on twitter manage to avoid these report nukes for so long, like, they're built differently, lol

@LeAnonCatBoi I believe it comes with the territory. Asian audiences just in general are less likely to form band up into some moral authority groups and harass peoples' accounts. At least when it comes to porn.

@Lunaria sorry hear that, luna.. at least you're still here on baraag (。•́︿•̀。)

@Lunaria Sorry to hear that. You're way too good for Twitter though, best to give the Bird the Bird.

@Fergal It would've been easier if Twitter was much more niche, but unfortunately the degree of fan engagement it can offer to one's art is indelible :x

@Lunaria I'm aware of that, and that's why it's a real shame. Especially with all of the effort you put into it all. v_v

@Lunaria sadly that's just something to happen sooner or later. At least there is baraag and mastodon networks as a whole

@sleepingshota tru, but they have only a fraction of the user base Twitter has. I also noticed that those who have baraag usually know me and my art already, so I don't feel like I'm actually expanding my reach >_<

@Lunaria that's the thing with getting more popular: you draw more attention and twitter likely ban you faster than it's really worth the trouble.

I've seen artists to use heavily cropped versions of their drawings and post link to full image on another platform. maybe this could work?

@sleepingshota that's what I've been doing. @kinkykong also tried the same and also received the hammer :x

@sleepingshota @Lunaria yes its poopy, but it think its still worth it while it lasts ,usually many people stick around each time , but yeah thats not really a major redeeming factor

@kinkykong I did notice a significant uptick in fanbox supporters, so yeah - it was still worth it... which also makes the loss even suckier T_T

@Lunaria aw, im sorry to hear it luna, but think of it this way, you'll keep loosing , and it sucks, but you can make it a point to do better every time! like a run in a roguelike , just that u get stronger each time, but i get if thats exhausting , q0q ngl i wish i had more of your experience , i feel like im missing out bc im a noobie uwu you should be proud!

hope i could encourage you or something u3u you've always been so nice

@Lunaria I think more people are figuring out to jump from the blue bird. Just a matter of time I think

@Lunaria yeah, but twatter actively lowers the discoverability, my account got immediately declassed and removed from search...
Twatter followers are lower quality one in average, if you don't get canceled you may, MAY survive long enough to have some followers

@Lunaria That place is a total shithole to begin with. Well not at the beginning of the site but currently, Its a shitty place for NSFW work since there are all type of wokeness circling around the place. Sorry for the bad news anyway.

@Lunaria :hug: The birds r evil. sorry man. :/ it happened to one of my friends too.

@Lunaria I'm so sorry to hear this! You don't deserve it!

@Lunaria Yea... stuff like this keeps happening sadly... Id say try it on a different site like reddit, but sadly that domain is ruled by the lolitary which is even more agressive than twitter antis

@mentalblob I tried once posting my Venti on the gay Genshin subs, but the mods freaked out coz 2young

@Lunaria yea... a bummer that people are so little accepting

@Lunaria wow! Definitely one of my fav artist on here. Sad to hear this news. I once had 20k followers on Ig before It was deleted, but it's not the content I'm making now. It was clean content. I gave it up cuz it wasn't what I wanted to draw. I guess we really need Elon Musk to buy out twitter for real now! Maybe he'll change the game.

@MrShotaro Thanks! And yeah, we'll see what is the extent of "freedom of expression" in Musk's mind

@Lunaria sorry to hear that we still support you :)

@Lunaria oh my, well Twitter it's toxic that will happen all the time, but I have no doubt you will get more followers soon, hugs!

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