pain, abusive 

Always take good care of shotas by making sure the size matches. :blobangry:

pain, abusive 

@Lunaria I hope to be as talented as you one day :blobcat:

pain, abusive 

@Lunaria We need waaay more images like this, the boys may be sweet, but that doesn't mean they can't be treated rough. Beautiful work.

@Lunaria boy needs more precise and uncle needs more, more, more lube...

@Lunaria ah yes. That could be. You must care for your shota... for sure he doesn't know how to train his hole...

Oof! Ouch! Such an inconsiderate lover! 😔
I would at least use lots of lube, and try to loosen him up a bit with my tongue and fingers! Failing that, I'd just hotdog his cute plump ass cheeks and finish by pressing my fat tip against his slightly loosened little pucker and cumming directly into it that way!❤❤❤❤

@PervyOne23 some just don't know how to handle shotas properly 😔

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