Those Midoru boys are in quite a pinch!

Web 6 164 497

@Littlerager Yes, struggling will only agitate the beast further

@Lunaria midoru bois are public property to be used as intended

@Tails2 a few decades longer and they might even become public domain!

@Lunaria More like the Big Buff Wolf 鈥 Red Riding Hood would be SO jealous鈥

Hard as he's filling up first cutie his smile and ultra-tight grip make me think their struggles and horrified gasps are as pleasurable to him. Lovely job on the boys as well with their cute little bodies exposed and helpless. Gray's super taut form is irresistible, especially that hard butt, and his frantic struggles intensify the wicked pleasure. Blondie's dazed fear and open pose are very nice too. Thanks.

@Allan_Grey You could be the Ebert of porn review :D Thanks!

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