All the shotas in the marketplace say:

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@Lunaria one of my favs~ casual cutie nudity is unbelievably hot~ :boonchuy_ahegao:

@Lunaria the boy on the left is officially my new boyfriend. Too cute

@Lunaria oh god i cant decide if these are the cutest or sluttiest faggots ive ever seen owo

Omg, they're so effin cute! 😊❤❤❤❤❤
Excellent work! ^^

@Lunaria Oh my! I love their designs, they are so varied and cute!

@Lunaria One of my favorite pieces you've ever done. I would love so much to see more of this world. I know that Natura is essentially a spin on the idea, but the clothing and environment here add so much.

@Wannabetesla Thanks! Interesting world, huh? Bet there wouldn't be any problems with malls getting closed :P

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