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Those guys at Capcom knew exactly what they were doing when making Angepitoyeir :blobsmirk:

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Hey everyone! My bf is moving out from a difficult home situation so if you could commission either him or me that would be awesome, ill pass the money to him, and help him buy furniture and appliences heres a link to our discord->
retoot if u can

Why settle for an anime waifu when u can have a shota waifu?

Don't forget to finish that lemon cake with a nice fill of your special meringue.

We got a pup in heat. His smell must be attracting all the nearby males

The kitty needs some milk.

Well, what are you waiting for?

If you don't have the brawn to pull off a fight, then you become the prey, Mr. Elf Hero-kun

He might have a little bit of baby chub to him, but his thighs could trap your head like a vice grip. I mean, if that's something you want, then go ahead ig...

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