I've been swamped with a graphics job I was asked to do. But needed to take a break. So here it is!

Winston's wife wondered why the shrubs kept dying next to the house.

He told his wife he had no idea. What he didn't tell her was that the boys next door often put on a show.

Breathe. Probably the most interesting one I've done, no music just VO and ambience. I really liked this one, its got the most going on yet very simple. Some kink in there as well, with a kid and her mom talking from another apartment, all happening while some action happening just on the other side of a wall. Johnny Sasaki in there too :blobsmilesweat2:

Original Post: pixiv.net/en/artworks/95500217
HQ Catbox: files.catbox.moe/2rgp3x.webm

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