finally iduna is back to spend time with her daughters :rubygloom: :yanagiyuu_heart3:
i hope you like it!

Something about a girl wearing nothing but jewelry.
I need to give my girls earrings more often, little ones look really cute in them

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I prefer naked wrestling over boxing

But this was an interesting lecture, if I could change 3 things

1- Completely naked instead of shorts/skirts: I just love completely nudity

2- Less focus in the swelling of faces: Her faces looks like mush sometimes in some panels lol

3- Remove the mouthguard: At the beggining I thought that was theyre tongues and they look completely silly lol then realised it was a mouthguard but still would prefer it without them

Got commissioned to draw my OC Mika with bigger boobs 😄

Some more variations on Pixiv.

High-res and all variations including pee on my Patreon.

Fresh version~
Just a cute and innocent scene to brighten the day. 🌼

A lovely girl at the countryside with a lovely green dress, and a little green friend. They match colors!
I think I'll do some more country girls chilling in nature and cottages in the future, hope you don't mind. 🌻

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