Melody Melony 1

So we did a little brainstorming and well, this girl came out. We hope doing more of her in the future.

Collab with @0ryomamikado0 I really like how he brings the sketch to life.

Hi guys, I bring you the most recent commission I hope you like it

and if you want to support me a little my tip pot is

"Debate? That implies I wanna hear you talk!"

Also, lone Luz because I don't wanna see no fedora neckbeards fictional or otherwise lol.

I heard mascots down here ain't allowed on certain products no more?

Anyway, be sure to drink your Malk, now with Vitamin R, folks.

Buena suerte cuando vayan al súper ahora, cochinos.

> browsing the booru or pixiv
> something catches my eye
> oh
> this art speaks to me
> excellent anatomy
> the cutest girls you've seen
> precise ahegao expressions
> this artist is good
> from yuri to lolicon... artist can do everything!
> let me press "next". it's okay to press "next"
> ...
> is that poop

I don't think I was specifically invited (just heard about this today), but regardelss I wanted to break my artblock hiatus to celebrate this website and @satori . So thank you for this space for us who love truly free artistic expression.

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