Yakuza 3 Kazuma and his orphan daughters commission for @Loliloversss thank you very much! ❤️

A commission for @Loliloversss !

Cynthia and Teresa Brisby from the Secret of NIMH

Another commission done, again this is thanks to @Loliloversss this time a pic of Electra showing what she got.

Hope you guys like it, and if you wan a commission send me a message.

Animation Commission for @Loliloversss !!

I'm opening commissions tomorrow! Keep an eye on that !

New Commission done to @Loliloversss
This time is Futa Daisy! I really enjoyed drawing her, I loved both pics! *w*

feral birbs 

A commission for @Loliloversss !

Abigail & Amelia Gabble from The Aristocats

Another commission finalized and delivered to @Loliloversss
Eri, from My Hero Academia.
Well, I don't need to say how pleasant it was to make this art ... loli, footjob and flipflops sandals drive me crazy ...
Thanks @Loliloversss for the opportunity to create this art for you.

If you like my art, ask me about commissions ...

Another commission done thanks to @Loliloversss for working with me again, this time is Dahlia from Xenoblade in some dominant action for a shota.

Commissions still open if you want one just dm me.

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