My articles have been reposted as follower-only posts with more sources attached.

All future political posts I make will be follower only as well. :akkoshrug:

To make something clear:

My post that says "Progression Requires Invalidating CSA Survivers"

is only referring to the people who do something willingly, and then decades later after society has brainwashed them into believing they're abused, take on the misguided mindset that they are a victim.

If they are victims, they're victims of society, not what they chose to do, regardless of when they did it.

Not fighting that narrative hurts all of us. The stigma extends into fiction as well. :c

@LoliconEquality I don't disagree and I'm not saying you did anything wrong; I just can't be arsed to read it all, but what I did read I generally agreed with. It is primarily a cultural issue, and is reflective of many of the past witch-hunts humanity has had.

I'm being accused of equating art to real people? How?

Just because I rant about people attacking Lolicon artwork AND issues regarding real life things, doesn't mean I'm equating them..

It's obvious that the real life issues and stigmas are the reason WHY the typical person demonizes those who simply like fictional material...

What's wrong with complaining about that and highlighting it? They'll keep censoring us if it's not addressed and destigmatized. :cry_konata:

Being attacked for sharing my opinions on Baraag?

This is troubling.. :cry_konata:

This is a great site that doesn't censor fictional artwork!

And probably wouldn't censor unpopular opinions either!

A great place to form communities instead of totally relying on Twitter. ^^


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