Just thought I'd throw a pic of my teen thief I play in Skyrim. I still can't hold a pencil properly, but I can hold a game controller and a mouse XD

Okay, I think I'm good... I just... needed a good old fashioned mental meltdown.

I have some plans for Haley... and Lucky... as soon as my thumb is fully healed.

I'm sorry, everyone.. I can't do this anymore... I can't BE this anymore...

I will leave everything I have ever drawn to someone I've come to trust. Goodbye :(

A variation of Haley Sucks. There is a small layering error.

Sorry, everyone... I got really really depressed after finishing this and just never posted it.

I was directly refencing another drawing I saw, but I dont remember where or who to credit (if that's even necessary).

Anyway, have some Haley butt and lips. If my thumb gets better I may create a version where she's on top of a female, or trans, or both (probably)

OKay I've been pushing through the pain and have made a lot of progress in the second Haley drawing. I may be able to post it by the end of today.

Thumbnail status: entirely black, and it feels like it is beginning to come loose. From what everyone tells me, that is perfectly normal and I shouldn't be alarmed. As of right now, there is no more pain unless I press or hit it on something.

I'm feeling doubtful about my thumb.. the nail is completely black now... the flesh around it is getting darker, and now I can bend it at all.

Somebody please tell me I won't be permanently debilitated from doing what I love... 😥

Everyone, I had my right thumb smashed in a car door last night. Nothing is broken but blood vessels beneath the nail. The doctors didnt feel it was necessary to drain the blood. But Im in a lot of pain and sadly I currently cannot finish the second drawing of Haley. I'll recover soon and get it finished, I promise. <3

Haley getting her first live cock. She's stuck other things up in there, but this is her first warm, meaty insertion that she can feel throbbing inside her wet little puss. Enjoy! ❤️

I should be finished with my latest Haley drawing today. I'm taking way too much time on it lol. After that I'll get started on the 2nd place winner in the poll. :)

I... forgot to set the pole time to 1 hour, but I'll give it a little more time. Right now it looks like 2 wants to imagine Haley on their cock xD

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Okay, I've got the next 9 days off work, so I've got time for some drawing. I want to do something new with Haley. I'm sure most of will just say "just draw whatever you want" but that's the problem. I can't decide, soooo... a little help? XD

Hey all, I haven't been drawing recently, as I have taken up making a game with RPG Maker MZ. But I've got something in mind I want to draw I'm sure you'll like.

Also, I sincerely apologize if I stopped responding to conversations. Life has been very busy lately, and coupled with my forgetful mind, I"m prone to lose track of anything I had been doing before I got busy. :O

I know this probably isn't the right place to ask, but are there any Skyrim modders around familiar with DynDoLod?

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