Another pose reference to put my characters in. This time Haley and her brother, Lucky (fitting name), were caught being naughty...

The pose was referenced from a drawing of little Elsa and Anna by G Reaper.

Saw the pose somewhere on ATF, and was horning over Pan, so I knew what I had to do XD

Um... this is a new situation... I have a co-worker texting me begging for sexual favors from me and my partner. He's definitely drunk, but knows where I live.

I don't think I'm gonna sleep tonight... this is downright scary :O

Also, I think I might have been obsessing a bit too much over the background for my drawing of Dva. I had big plans for it, but I think I should just consider this whole thing finished. I am NOT a background artist lol Enjoy :P

Surprise! Back injury or not, I picked up Ni No Kuni Revenant Kingdom, played 10 minutes, was made super horny by the adorable, androgynous, super cute and cuddly Evan Pettiwhiskers!

So I just HAD to draw him! I hope I achieved what I set out for: to draw him in both the original creator's style AND my style. Enjoy!

(No time-consuming, creativity-blocking background for this one)

Okay, I may not be able to draw again for awhile, so I'll go ahead and release Dva for everyone to enjoy. If I can get back to work on this one, I'll finish it when I can.

Just let me know what needs to come off <3

Okay... it pains me (literally) to have to announce this...

I've suffered another injury. This time due to the negligence of another truck driver. This happened at work, so HR is involved and there has been a fire lit under the company who's driver did this to me.

Let's just say they are quite infamous for their drivers always in an extreme rush, and operating their equipment as UNsafely as possible.

I mean that last part. >:(

The drawing of is going very slooooooooowwwwwwwwwwly.

I've had to take a little break from it, as I ran into a creative block on how to draw the objects around her.

But I'm already considering the next game girl to draw... how does everyone feel about Linkle? <3

I was able to start on my drawing of Dva this past Sunday. I can hold my pencil okay, just not with the same precision, so it took a while to lay down the lead. Holding my little eraser was kind of painful, because I had to squeeze it to hold it.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have something presentable by this weekend. She's in GIMP now. ;)

So... I've never been much of an online gamer... But I just tried Overwatch and now I have an itch to draw D.Va :P

Also, update on the thumb... the nail is beginning to depart. The tip of the finger feels callused and slightly numb. I can hold my pencil now, just not comfortably so.

Just thought I'd throw a pic of my teen thief I play in Skyrim. I still can't hold a pencil properly, but I can hold a game controller and a mouse XD

Okay, I think I'm good... I just... needed a good old fashioned mental meltdown.

I have some plans for Haley... and Lucky... as soon as my thumb is fully healed.

I'm sorry, everyone.. I can't do this anymore... I can't BE this anymore...

I will leave everything I have ever drawn to someone I've come to trust. Goodbye :(

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