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I forgot to post these two here:
boy and shark dad or you can go by there names Dominic and Gerard

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This is the kid that tells you to suck his dick over voice.

Drawing from last month, no small dick version though. Dom shota are the best

I'm gonna try to finish him in a NSFW version, wanna paint some dicks :blobrainbow:
I'll be openning commissions of these days ^^
So.....if someone out there is interested, let me know :)

Here are the last things that I've been able to draw from Cowey and his Boyfriend ^^
(The more cum you give him, happier he gets :bloblaugh: )

Also, keep an eye out cause I'll be opening up commissions soon

The boys wanna wish you a happy halloweeny! Whip em out and celebrate!

Bit of a longer warm-up this time, Orson from Scary Godmother
I always thought he was cute <3

there are monsters luring around ever corner, Happy Halloween guys
ps. the full pics are up on patreon

this was one of my largest stream yet for one of the kinkiest pic I've done lol, thanks for y'all for coming out

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