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I forgot to post these two here:
boy and shark dad or you can go by there names Dominic and Gerard

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looks innocent and pure boys wins tho I love all the listed types of shota

wish there was a kinda "ask me anything"/Curious Cat for baraag

What’s your favorite tpye of shota? ( if it isn’t listed here then comment them below)

I just love it when a smug and cocky boy get dicked six ways til Sunday by the biggest dick possible. However I don’t know if there’s a name for that specific scenario? Lol

I guess Macro was too dummy thicc, that the clap of his ass cheeks kept alerting all the enemy players lol

this seems fun so what do y'all think? I'm gonna try sketching out (fake design) the most voted

Okay last spout of nonsense for the night: all shotas should stay in the house bare feet and pregnant..(if you know what I mean 😉 )

I was thinking of this for a long while now, you know how mmorpgs have super cool and badass clothes for the guys but for girls is really scantly clad barely covering anything clothing (looking at BnS) Well what if there’s a game with reverse and all the guys were shota so we can have are scantly clad class boys.Just food for thought

we need more furryxshota tho I'm glad I do see more of it

who would you choose?
At first I was feel'in scorbunny but now I think I'm going with sobble. But like I said earlier I really like all of them

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