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I forgot to post these two here:
boy and shark dad or you can go by there names Dominic and Gerard

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Sometimes Garth gets a little riled up and gives into that feral instinct. Uploading to begin a new holiday. Every 12th of August will now be Furry x Shota day. You can add to the degeneracy with #FluffnBoysDay on the twitters. Thank you. Enjoy.

Nothing like nutting into your eager son’s face in the morning or evening well any time is good for nutting on Nate to be honest Happy furryxShota day y'all

I was planning on doing a stream today but my computer decide today was the day to update and eat up my time. Idk if I should still do it😑

can you handle this shark for a week?
because this is what Dom is dealing with everyday
Happy shark week y'all



Good thing his tail can act like a bed because don't think Ky is walking away from this in his immediate future
Awesome art done by

what do you get when you have two horny monkeys and room full of dudes? I don't know you tell me
this was an old art trade with hybridkid

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