Lio why you get to come on baraag and tweet about shota AND bara?

I do what I want It’s kray pussy but I treasure any and all things doing this even the big man

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I’m glad to see there’s more than just a bit of boypussy catching on in the doujin sphere. I mean, I just saw a kray galo fanbook w it. I appreciate genital anarchy in most forms but this one seemed the rarest for a long time

@noclip I DIDNT SEE THIS UNTIL NOW. What do you mean? The art? The character?

Even here of all places, turns out ppl can still be rude and mean 🤷‍♂️

Figuring out to NOT just blast all my replies to every instance. It would be cool if I could make that the default setting

I realize the reason for this was not for my boner specifically, and was not suppose to affect the audience in the way it affected me. But I’m thanking Atlus for the food anyway

Bruised and restrained boy? With the implicit suggestion of whump we just missed off screen? Hello! Hi! How did you get my number?

I’m never getting over Persona 5 starting with fantasy thief shenanigans and then hard cut to beaten and bloody protag-san handcuffed on a chair surrounded by syringes with a character saying “guess the drugs were too strong”. Zero to boner in thirty seconds.

Older x younger shotacon warning! 

@frogsnailandtail 🙏 🙏 🙏 thank you thank you!

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Older x younger shotacon warning! 

I finally got a chance to see Promare. While it was exhausting to watch, I absolutely loved the art style. So here’s some wishful fan art with Lio aged-down and a half-assed background... because that’s how I roll. Would love to hear your thoughts on the movie or my latest lewd drawing.

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@noclip I forgot to comment here! You did do many ! I love the contrast of styles so much, ahhh “very good” and the, door lock click. I love this so much I love all of them thank you so much!

@noclip why are people so dumb? Well whatever. If they think shotas are real and need protection I don’t wanna see them either

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