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The day after Valentine’s Day ? What a time to launch

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Professor Layton and The Curious Village turns 13 today!

Shota age game series. Hurrah!

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One day I will remember not to leave every one of my shitposts on globally visible settings, today is not that day

I haven’t played new pkmn so don’t anyone think I know ANYTHING
But my thoughts of late: “in allister’s rare card he’s much less pale, and his mask is off in that one, AH! allister is 100% possessed by his 100% haunted mask, this is the only explanation”

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<⚠️ student/teacher⚠️>

my pieces for the Professor Layton New Years Exchange ^^ it's 5YAU playwright of course! my exchange partner was @Lio :3

everyone did such wonderful pieces!! I'm honored that everyone put so much hard work into their pieces to make such beautiful things... I hope to hold another PL exchange soon! 💙

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@Lio KSBDJAHS I STAND BY THIS.. when katrielle was first announced as the new protag I was instantly like ITS THE LAYLUKE CHILD

“Miss Deku? Is this teacher fetish het genderbending? Well to each their own I guess?” = my stupid ass

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I didn’t know “ms Deku” meant “middle school Deku” so I just got really confused why a bunch of shota writers were writing genderbend midoriya for a bit there

I’m open for writing requests now, if you’re too shy to ask here you can ask on anon on my curiouscat

Got told scratchy brushes feel more satisfying in csp and I did not think much of it but I just tried it and wow, it is true.

In other news WOW how bout that Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun! The most out-there stealth shota thing I’ve seen in years.

Do people do thread fic on here, or is that considered bad? Does it flood the timeline?

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Saw lio on gelbooru way before movie was out here and was like WHO! IS! THAT!

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