“Miss Deku? Is this teacher fetish het genderbending? Well to each their own I guess?” = my stupid ass

I didn’t know “ms Deku” meant “middle school Deku” so I just got really confused why a bunch of shota writers were writing genderbend midoriya for a bit there

I’m open for writing requests now, if you’re too shy to ask here you can ask on anon on my curiouscat curiouscat.me/lioscave

Got told scratchy brushes feel more satisfying in csp and I did not think much of it but I just tried it and wow, it is true.

In other news WOW how bout that Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun! The most out-there stealth shota thing I’ve seen in years.

Do people do thread fic on here, or is that considered bad? Does it flood the timeline?

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Saw lio on gelbooru way before movie was out here and was like WHO! IS! THAT!

So Lady Layton anime backstory got me thinking some stuff that I don’t even normally like but....

What if helping to birth a baby on a sinking ship is just what Luke TOLD Layton and :blobshh: actually 9 months earlier trans Luke and Layton had hooked up.

Katrielle is the canon layluke child

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implied trans shota preggo 

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I really want to get Pokémon shield for ghost boy but I’d have to sell my soul for the switch (payment plans are basically soul contracts, yeah?). I would like mainline games back on 3ds thnx

Though if a hot demon actually wants my soul for a switch hit me up

I like toradora a lot but I rarely go all in for het stuff so don’t expect much from me

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