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Hey, I'm doing commissions now!! ^o^
If you'd like to put in a request simply click the link and fill out my Commission Form.

Welp, my twitter account got blocked because of some assholes reporting my stuff.
Can I be considered relevant now?

Hey, I'm doing commissions now!! ^o^
If you'd like to put in a request simply click the link and fill out my Commission Form.

Pokéloli: #007 Squirtle
Lolidex Entry: The shell is soft when she is born. The back part soon becomes resilient, but the front part remains soft as to welcome prodding fingers.

I think I'll be able to post a new drawing tomorrow.
After that I'll look into finally setting things up for opening comissions.

Pokéloli: #006 Charizard
Lolidex Entry: It is said that Charizard's fire burns hotter if she has experienced many orgasms.

For the last day of and I decided to stretch the r34 muscles and draw something really underground.
So here's Marilu, from the brazilian cartoon "Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids", I thought the vibe of the show went well with the prompt.

I figured I would do at least a couple drawings for a tober challenge.
So I merged and Day 5 prompts together XD

Ashley from WarioWare getting ready for a good night.
Prompts: Witch / Pajamas

Ana and Monty from Spelunky 2 having some fun.

Couldn't decide which lighting I liked better so I posted both :p


I just now heard about @Fearing 's and although I'm already working on a couple WIPs that I wanna finish, I'll probably try doing some of the prompts.
Unfortunately I work to slowly to do all of them.

So, I drew a nude filter of Green from Pokémon LGPE.

First time doing a nude filter for real, had a lot of fun in the process.

Guys, what are your opinions on nude filter art?
I've been wanting to do some, but I'm afraid editing official artwork of a show or game and adding my name on it would feel "cheap".

Pokéloli: #005 Charmeleon
Lolidex Entry: She has a barbaric nature. During sex, she whips her fiery tail around and scratches her partner with her sharp fingernails.

Just going around following some people, so many great artists here.

Pokéloli: #004 Charmander
Lolidex Entry: The flame that burns at the tip of her tail is an indication of her emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is "enjoying" herself. When the Pokémon is about to cum, the flame burns fiercely.

This is a Sea Princesses drawing I made for earlier this year.
Really happy of how this one turned out.

Pokéloli: #003 Venusaur
Lolidex Entry: There is a large flower on her back. The flower is said to take on vivid colors if Venusaur gets plenty of sex and sunlight. The flower's aroma arouses those around her.

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