I should have thought, exhentai never down.
sorry for not log-in long time but many thing IRL took my time.
I will still lurking.
(google translated)
btw you guys made great illustration as always, thank you.

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Another commission for pokemon twins, this time their Black & White incarnation!

who will thought the sadpanda revive after 7 days.

it looks like some people use "exh".
other use sadpanda.

even luker as me, in these 13 years, I uploaded 16 unique gallery, make exh bigger. sigh.

Sorry for my early post without CW.

I'm chinese, my english is not good, so it's hard to describe my feeling now with english.

sadpanda is not only a porn site. but also Tower of Babel for humankind.

I walk among with sadpanda for 13 years. It changes me and I change it.

exhentai is gone.
my god.
i reg account in year 06.
it's a best memory I can never fotget.
now it's gone. GONE.
like part of my life is also dead.
not only the H part. it's NON-H category is also a treasure.
you can see almost everything in it.
hell i even found some chinese comic scan from Republic of China (about 193X-194X), and even Tsing dynasty.
no mention, many things now only exist in exh.
It's a loss to everyone on the earth.
sorry for grammer and typo.

Thank you guys here. sincerely.
Your works always make me happy.

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