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My albino siamese cat sona "Hoshi"!, drawn by the amazing @GreenFr00g (please check him out, his artstyle is cute asf)

And yes, he's wearing diapers underneath that oversized sweater, he's 14 years old but still likes wearing them

Another mod port I worked on, this was a lot of fun, had to flatten out the chest in blender and add a little boy bulgey. Trying to be the best little girl (male) that I can.

Now I just need to find some horny adults to parade me around like a little bitch and make fun of me I mean huh?


==Requests Open==

I will open orders for this site, 5 slots for the first ones to arrive;

Rules and information:

* Only followers of this profile;
*Only shotas characters, or boys;
*Only original characters;
* To participate, just answer this toot with a reference (or more) of your character and age and height information;
* Will be NSFW;
*One slot per person and one drawing per slot;

Drawings for my first randomizer stream where I used a spinning wheel to decide what characters to draw. Characters were suggested by the Fanbox fans on my Discord server.

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