dunno if its time for another preview but well x33... WiP

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@LawBun all for the best the cus that swim suit was in the way XD

@LawBun are you making the hair do that? is she going to get fucked by the hair?

@LawBun Really now? Very Interesting :) Looks like you do moor then edit close off :) Im Keeping my eye on you even closer now lol and well Gwen at the moment XD btw are you going to make the outer girl naked to?

@LawBun *adds a ztv logo to the bottom right as we know where this is going*

@LawBun zone's cartoon network parody logo. Usually on a flash toon starting with official stuff before going porn. Usually with tentacles.

@LawBun @LawBun Looking good so far. But don't forget to add those black ball things to the end of Frightwig's hair tentacles.

@LawBun Are you planning on finishing this edit animation? I'd love to see some tentacle action on Gwen! ๐Ÿ’•

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