Next Long Comic
Love Family Reunion
This is the Cover for my next upcoming long comic for my Love Family. Where finally the Love Family will be whole again.
With all current family members being present in this one.

Love Family Test Pics
I was messing around with lighting was bored and came out with these.

Christmas Holiday Family Cards
Got this idea from another artist I recently started supporting.
Nude versions and whole set on my pixiv:

The Love Family by @fufan
The incredible artist Fufan was kind enough to make my Love Family in their cute style.
I will cherish this art forever.🥰

My Dad's Love-The Izumis
Thanks to @IrksomeIpseity for the Dad model.Always wanted to do something with this couple so had to make this really quick.If you would like to see more of them check my pixiv and vote yes more dad content.

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