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I finally drawn an loli, lol after how long :blobcatgiggle: shes really cute tho i love my goth loli, what should her name be tho 🤔

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Highleg Acid
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dragon fucks a human 

I especially like how her face came out in this pic

I almost dont want to finish it just so i can preserve the look she has, I dunno if I could recreate it

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Them:drawing of underage characters= you are a pedo
Me:So, if you draw gore or violence, you are a mass murderer?
Them: b-but violence is justifiable
Me: ...
This says what kind of people they are... It's not like people with PSTD can get panic attacks at violence and aggressiveness... Or anything.

me in 2014: lolicon is weird. i don’t understand the appeal, and it creeps me out.

me in 2019:


suggestive shota, mp100 

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