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New sheet, new prices and open slots!

I'mma open up to lets say 5 slots for right now, first come first serve and all that, DM or email to get a slot or to ask questions

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Okay, I think I'm going to be closing comms for bit so I can try to catch up and potentially get some other stuff ready for a fanbox opening idk yet.

But if you wanna get a comm before I close them for probably a couple months now is the time, Dec 31st will be the cuttoff.

I'll probably also be updating my comm list a bit when I re-open and things may be a bit more expensive in some places and there will be a bit more info on specifics.

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Alright lads have at it, public discord server I think is good enough to go, just remember to keep it on the line and be cool

See how this becomes a disaster LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO

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Say hello and give a hug to the ones you love, things can change in a blink of an eye.

Just saw some pretty crazy stuff, so just enjoy and appreciate who and what you have now.

[NSFW] 2022JUN10 "Female Chicory"
"Chicory" from High Guardian Spice.

Rosemary's brother, although he is pretty much a none character in the story.

Because he had a side bang that cover one of his eye, I thought I'd try drawing a female version of her, and I thought it turn out pretty well.

The kitty needs some milk.

Well, what are you waiting for?

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