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Another shout out for my weird discord server. If you wanna talk about dnd, monster hunter, anime, lolis or other dumb shit you can join

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Hello ya'll I wanna try something and see how it goes

So starting today if you want a guaranteed request sketch from me I'll have my kofi open, all ya gotta do if head over there, throw me a couple coffees and add what you want drawn.

The more coffees you give the more detail I'll go into with the sketch, simple as.

If this works I can have fun with some drawings and get a bit of extra cash.
If you want to help out, but dont have money then consider boosting this.

Yo the saying "You don't really know what you got till it's gone" is so supremely accurate it's unbelievable

Ahh the sweet overwhelming feeling of loneliness, anyway time for bed I guess

Commission for Toanuva featuring Suika Ibuki from Touhou. A perfect way to end the Summer.



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