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I had this idea on friday and drew it on my phone and since then I've just been thinking about it and everytime it makes me laugh

Hello all! We are proud to announce our first comic, Teen Titans: Ritual Release!! It's a parody comic based off of the cartoon, Teen Titans, taking place 10 years after the show's end! More info, and more pics, can be found at our Patreon:

Demon Mabel 😈

There will be more drawings of Mabel soon :3
Support my work:

i hope it doesn't sound cheesy, but i really, really appreciate how kind everyone been to me on here and twitter. the past few months are the first time in years where i've really actually socialized online and i'm having such a nice time!

between these places and how nice my coworkers and customers are at my job, people are honestly a lot nicer than i've ever given them credit for. i hope everything goes well for you all!

Ringing in the new commission schedule with a commission from CKaedhan, featuring a couple of those newfangled final fantasy bunnies.

I hate going to sleep early on a friday, but I've been so damn tired for the like last two weeks that I may just take an early night idk


sometimes u just wanna get into ur apprentice's pussy

it's been hot as balls here recently

have a paul bunyan trying to cool off

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