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Didn't think I'd have to make it clear but apparently I do.

I don't care that my artwork is shared, by all means, spread it to the four corners of the internet, post them anywhere to whomever, if you ever bought art from me it's yours, do with it what you will. Public commissions will be shared and I welcome them being spread around, edited, whatever, the art I produce is for everyone, all I ask is to be credited

If anyone claims I don't want things reposted, I NEVER said that.

today marks the anniversary of the start of what led to a major loss of mine, if anyone has comms with me just... please bare with me. I will deliver. I just need time. I've been trying as best as I can to not leave anyone hanging. I'll be ok. Just... give me some more time. I'll be ok, I'm taking every necessary measure I can, bare with me.

What would've happened if Sylvie hadn't been rescued by Mel? What DO those things do with magical girls they capture?

catch more of our webcomic over at @witchscouts

Uncensored HD Artworks and Early access of my artworks are available on my Patreon

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